Erkennbares Band

    Material: PE+Aluminum foil+OPP 

    Thickness: 0.03-0.3mm

    Width: 50-300mm 

    Length: 100 - 500M


Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading detectable tape manufacturer and supplier.

Trackable warning tape, also known as trackable warning tape, is widely used in various types of direct buried gas pipelines, oil pipelines, urban water supply and drainage, gas and liquid pipeline transportation systems, power cables, communication cables, etc. The warning protection of the system and information transmission system, especially for the complex construction of urban pipe network construction site, road construction site, traffic accident site protection, construction construction site, direct buried pipeline in the field has obvious protective warning effect, it construction Convenient, construction and buried pipe are carried out at the same time, buried in the middle of the underground and pipelines, laid at 30-50CM above the pipeline, playing a warning sign, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the pipeline during excavation, causing major accidents and avoiding Accidental damage causes huge property and economic losses, and is a cost-effective and simple and easy-to-use product for all kinds of direct buried pipelines and cable safety protection.

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Packing of Detectable Tape:

Applications of Detectable Tape:

Protect water pipe, gas flue, buried oil pipeline etc. The tape's metal detection function enables construction workers to correctly detect where the underground pipelines lie and thus avoid possible damage or destroy. 

Features of Detectable Tape:

-Permanently bonded between two layers of rot resistant plastic to prevent corrosion and increase its tensile strength. 

-Durable laminate construction will not scratch off or peel apart 

-Permanently imprinted with black ink 

- installed 12"-18" below ground level and 12" directly above buried pipes, cables and conduits, before final backfilling. 

-Custom printing of underground detectable tape is available upon request. 


Detectable Material Colors:

Blue: Water & Associated Lines 

Green: Sanitary & Associated Sewer Lines 

Orange: Telecommunications Lines 

Purple: Reclaimed Water Lines 

Red: Electric & Associated Lines 

Yellow: Gas & Associated Lines


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