Blue Light Eismaschine

    Capacity: 36-318 kg/24h

    Refrigerant: R404A

    Cooling Method: air cooling or water cooling

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Blue Light Ice Maker manufacturer and supplier.

The ice maker is a refrigeration mechanical device that generates water by cooling the refrigerant from the refrigerant of the refrigeration system through the evaporator. The refrigeration system uses a water carrier to produce ice after passing through a certain device under the energization state. According to the principle of the evaporator and the production method, the shape of the generated ice cubes is also different; people generally divide the ice machine into ice ice machine, flake ice machine, ice machine, tube ice machine, shell ice machine, etc.

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Production Detail of Blue Light Ice Maker:

Stainless steel and ABS plastic, perfect appearance, stable, practical. Sanitary, environmental protection, energy saving, easy to clean.

Electric control board with self diagnosos, Low failure rate, convenient for customers to adjust ice thickness.

Vertical evaporator, flow type ice making, high efficiency, high stability, fast falling ice, easy to take ice, save time and electricity.

Adopts integral non pipe high pressure foaming technology. with automatic cleaning function and can adjust the balance foot.

Hexahedral ice, large contact area, Accelerated the cooling rate, Taste better, widely used in hotel bar, coffee shop, restaurant, bakery, tea shops and other places.



Technical Information of Blue Light Ice Maker:

Default shape: Cube. Various shapes: Cube Ice , Half Cube Ice, Big Cube Ice, Crescent Ice, Flake , Snowflake Shape, Nugget Shape Ice, Scale Shape Ice.

Packaging of Blue Light Ice Maker:

Warranty: One year

Packing: Carton with wooden pallet or wooden box; foam and film suitable for a long sea shipment.

More information of Blue Light Ice Maker:

Delivery time:

7 days: (Order quantity: less than 10 units)   

According to quantity: (more than 10 units)

We have new lines and equipment and extensive production experience. It guarantees fast delivery time, only takes one week (Order quantity: less than 10 units) to complete production.


After-sale service:

All products a year warranty, life-long maintenance.


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