As far as investments go… this is a terrible one

The UK has been left slightly red faced today; after it emerged they spent a whopping £286 million on an airport that is located on an Island they own in the south of the Atlantic Ocean. The price is not the issue though, the issue lies in the fact that the airport is effectively unusable, meaning it will just sit there on the island of St Helena as one big waste of money.
The airport has been deemed as unusable due to the heavy wind conditions the island experiences, meaning that it’s almost impossible for planes to land safely. The UK’s department of international development (DFID) was the committee that authorised the
construction of the airport and they have yet to identify which individual(s) should be held accountable. 
The department and the British government as a whole have received a considerable backlash from renowned critics and the public alike. MPs on the public accounts committee said it was “staggering” that the airport had been commissioned and completed before the department had ascertained how changeable winds would affect commercial aircraft safety.
“The result is a disaster: a commercial airport that is not fit for purpose, no credible plan to salvage value for money, and no clarity on exactly who is responsible for the whole sorry mess,” said Meg Hillier, who chairs the committee.